GE Revolution CT scanner arrives

A new GE Revolution CT has been delivered to Thornton Hospital.  Scheduled to start imaging patients in January 2017 this will give CViL and UCSD an extraordinary new tool for developing new methods for evaluating cardiovascular disease.

According to business wire this innovative technology enables clinicians to non-invasively visualize the human heart more clearly than ever before, and diagnose more patients with erratic or high heart beats.


Business wire also states according to published literature (the British Journal of Radiology), more than 60 percent of patients referred to cardiac CT today were found to have heart rates higher than 60 beats per minute, and some are turned away from being scanned. With Revolution CT, clinicians can clearly see specific areas of the heart that were previously compromised either by a patient’s movement, high heart rate, or a child’s inability to hold his or her breath.

You can learn more about this CT machine on GE website.